Stardust-R Opening Training School Registration

STARDUST-R The H2020 Space Debris and Asteroid research network

Description of the event

The Opening Training School (OTS)  of Stardust-R project, aiming to explore and exploit asteroids and make the use of space sustainable, through the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme. The OTS will provide basic, but comprehensive training on all the Stardust-R Work Packages over the 5 days, featuring:
20 hours of lectures delivered by the members of the network

  • Lectures relevant to the ESR projects
  • 6 hours of lectures on transferable skills
  • 2 hour induction on the Stardust-R research, training and outreach programmes  

The total estimated training time is estimated to be 100 hours: 40 hours of delivered material and 60 hours of student centred learning on the topics covered at the OTS and the creation of the initial versions of the wiki sessions. This is enough for 5 ECTS credits (4 credits for hard skills, 1 credit for soft skills).

Date & Time

From 2-6 December 2019

Full Programme

Opening Training School website


Scottish Universities Insight Institute
University of Strathclyde
Collins Building
22 Richmond Street
G1 1XQ

Price and number of tickets

Students from Strathclyde don't need to pay the ticket. This event is free for them.

Students outside Strathclyde need to pay the ticket, £25.00/person, and maximum 30 tickets.